Written Test

In Armed Forces Written Test is a vital examination to judge a candidate.

Candidates Hand writing, positive attitude, cleanliness are also marked with the other requirements. At Present officer cadets need to study Engineering, BBA, IR, Physics etc. at Academies. So they need to have strong knowledge on basic education.

Uniform during written eexam needs to be semi formal/formal.

In written Examination mostly basic questions are set to identify the candidates knowledge and potentiality.

Army: Bengali, English, Mathematics, Gen Knowledge, 25x4=100
Navy: IQ (verbal 40, Matrix 20), English-30,  Gen knowledge-30, Total 120
GD(P), ATC, Log, ADWC, Mat: IQ, English, Physics & Math                                Admin Branch: IQ, English & General Knowledge                                              Finance Branch: IQ, English & Business studies.

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বাংলা- ব্যকরন, ভাব সম্প্রসারণ, আবেদন পত্র, রচনা।

English- Grammar, Translation, Application, Essay.

Math- পাটী গনিতঃ ঐকিক, শতকরা, সুদ, লাভ ক্ষতি, গড়, পরিমিতি, জনমিতি, বীজগনিতঃ সমাধান, মাণ নির্ণয়, উৎপাদক, ত্রিকোণমিতি, 

General Knowledge- National, International and Armed forces , Total: 2 Hours, Marks 25 x 4 = 100


IQ :  Verbal and Non Verbal, Marks 60

English: Grammar, Application, Translation, Essay, Marks: 30

General Knowledge: National, International and Armed forces, Marks 30

Total Marks: 120 Time 02 Hours


IQ :  Verbal and Non Verbal, Marks 100

English: Grammar, Application, Translation, Essay, Marks: 100

The Exams are taken separetly knock out basis. 

IQ (100) & English (50) for all,

Admin- GK (50), Finance-Business studies (50)

Others- Phy & Math (25x2)