For HSC 2020 85 BMA L/C circular will be published by December/January 19, Written after HSC Exam, ISSB from July 20.

The system has been changed. No HSC appearing candidates can attend ISSB from now. After getting result candidates will appear ISSB.

Age, Height, Weight, Chest, Pulse, BP, ENT, Eye, Vericose Vein, Knock Knee, Hernia/ Hydrocyle, Heorrhoid, Skin, Any other external problem etc. Click for details:

Sometimes, but not always. Contact us for details.

Normally +/-2.5 is eligible (maximum). If its more than that Lasic is required. For more contact us.

Any skin disease, self harm, cutting mark in any visible area etc.

Yes, visit a medicine specialist(or the filed you think you have problem) from defence background at his/her chamber. In Dhaka you will find many at Kachukhet, near Dhaka Cantt. Also beside every cantonment you will find same. Ask them, they will help you in this regard.

Education certificates & Mark sheets (main or photocopy attested), 
Nationality certificate, 
Testimonials from Principal, 
Parents' Tax Certificate (if any). 
For HSC 2019- Assurance certificate for GPA 4.5.
Experience/ award of sports/ extra curriculum (If any)

See our website:

Apply to the board president in writing with supporting documents (for which u want to change), go and submit to the board physically and talk to them.

Apply to the President, ISSB in writing with supporting documents (for which u want to change), normally ISSB doesn't change the date. But if cause is valid & serious they may consider. But there is no guarantee. The following is a sample:
The President 
Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB)
Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka.
Subject: for changing date of the ISSB test.
With due due respect it is to inform you that I, the undersigned am a candidate for 83 BMA L/C. Recently my ISSB date has been scheduled on 01 Oct 19. But my admission exam on the University of Dhaka will be on the same date. I am willing to appear both the exams. My admit card for that examination is attached.

May I, therefore, request you to reschedule my ISSB test and oblige thereby.

Sincerely yours,
ISSB Roll:

If you appear ISSB once, u will not be able to appear within the same batch/equivalent again. Apply in next batch. And ISSB will call you after (minimum) 5 months.
If you appear ISSB once and pass IQ & PPDT, you need not to appear IQ PPDT again in next time (if you appear ISSB within 01 year). If its more than 01 year, sit for IQ and PPDT again.


IQ is by Computer and PPDT has been measured during the exam by three examiners together.
Psychology, Physical and Group performance, Background check are examined by Psychologist, GTO & DP respectively. They have prescribed format and numbers. If all three are agreed to recommend a candidate, s/he gets green card.

Before appearing ISSB, they will send an SMS to your mobile (the number u provided during form fill up) containing user name and pass word.  Click and enter that user name and pass word.
You need to fill up all details including the information of your all relatives, your education, hobby, service, health, nationality etc. 
After filling up they will send an sms again informing your ISSB Exam date. On that day you need to be present at ISSB before 0730 AM with all documents, dress and necessary clothings f0r 04 days.

Normally  after 1st SMS, you will get date within 2/3 weeks.

For BNCC cadets, a very few candidates are selected by BNCC HQ by taking interview and only those need not to attend written test. But ISSB is same and no preference in ISSB. 
BN College, Military Collegiate, Cadet college has same rules (see the BN Circular). For any clarification read the circular fully. 

While appearing ISSB, they will ask, tell them that time.

Any type of influence will be taken negatively and be sure, your result will be negative in that case.

From class IX, start preparation. We have basic coourse for you where you will learn about medical, written and physical tests inculding IQ and spoken ability.

Take preparation just after appearing written test. Time will never wait for anyone. Better if you start from now.

Defence Care Academy does nothing except showing you the right way by creating a learning environment. 
The academy have very rich collection of information and own booklets.
The Directors are very experienced and retired from Defence Services.
The Academy has a very good record of success.

All UGC approved universities students may apply if subjects is same that is published in circular. For better understand read the circular fully. Call 01728080540 for details.

All UGC approved universities students may apply if subjects is same that is published in circular. For better understand read the circular fully. 

Minimum 2 months (about) gap.

Regular Course (Long Course), Special Course/Direct Entry Officer, BNVR (Navy), Short Service (AMC/ADC), Special Purpose (AMC)

For any deviation of subject related matters, it’s better to call respective Headquarter. For contact pls see circular.

See the circulars: 

Or For details you may click recruitment menu of 

UGC means University Grant Commission. Those who studied in foreign universities require the equivalence certificate from UGC. Contact them for the said certificate. 

Physical Exercise may help in this regard. Visit gymnasium regularly.

Please see all the circulars. If the mentioned subjects are similar, then you may apply.