The following courses are conducted by Defence Care Academy

i. Viva & Written (Army, Navy, Air force)- Class 11,12 & HSC Passed
ii. ISSB Preparation (Army, Navy & BAF)- Class 12 & above, DSSC, Short Course
iii. Basic Course (for class 8,10, SSC)
iv. ISSB for AMC/ADC, AEC, Engr, EME,Sigs, RVF&C, JAG, DEO 

For Class JSC to SSC: Basic Course

Basic Course for the young male and female students. Here physical and mental ability, IQ, psychology, Spoken English, Public speaking are practised


In Interview communication skill with verbal & Non-verbal communication techniques were taught. Every student needs to sit for interview for minimum 6 hours before an experienced coach. Again IQ, Eng, Beng, GK, Math-  are taught with the previous model questions. 



Candidates are prepared on IQ, PPDT, positive psychology, public speaking, group task, planning, situational test, physical tests, command task etc. with care. Separate simulation field exercises are associated with this study. Effective Quality learning methods are followed strictly.


Candidates who are in other studies and cant give your time for ISSB preparation or candidates of Cadet Colleges attend this course.