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ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board)

ISSB Coaching, Defence Coaching for Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Airforce, ISSB - PT class at Field, And Online Class

Current application: 85 BAFA (HSC 21), Upcoming Circulars: 88 BMA, BN 22B, 86 BAFA

Defence Care Academy, Maker of the winners

86 BMA, BN 21 B, BAFA 85: ISSB  Tk 1000,  8000/-

Call: 0174 0820691, 01775 047808, 0193 5050330

WelCome to Defence Care

The academy is established for the young candidates who are enthusiastically willing to join defence as a commissioned officer. Main aim is to develop for the ISSB test for Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy & Bangladesh Airforce.

Current Circular 

86 BMA L/C- ISSB ongoing

BN 2021 B- ISSB ongoing 

85 BAFA - ISSB ongoing

Contact us for details.​​​​​

Study BBA/ Engr free of cost? 

Yes, ISSB passed Officer Cadets of Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy & Bangladesh Airforce  are getting these opportunities under BUP & MIST Free. CSE, EEE, ME, BBA, Aeronautical Engg, Naval archtectures and many more can be studied.

Our Courses 

1.Viva & written (Army, Navy, BAF) - for XI, XII

2. ISSB Course (Army, Navy, BAF)- for XII & above

3. Basic Course for class JSC to SSC.

4. Online ISSB, Physical at Field  Ongoing

Success Story 

Sheikh Abrar Faiaz, Faiyaz Zaman Jarif, Safwan Ahmed, Rakib Al Imran, Tamim Ur Rahman, Abu Sayeed Raihan, SA Sakib, Faisal Murad, Mahim Akter Mim  from Rajuk college got green Card (82 BMA L/C) from ISSB  . 

External classes 

Classes for Written and ISSB are taken with internal and external environment. All the classes are designed and operated with highly educated and experienced faculties. The excellent result is the outcome of the process.   

Branches Locations

Farmgate: Malek Tower (Ground Floor) 01741471674, 
ECB Busstand: Chowdhury Kunj-2, 01935050330
Mirpur 10 : Sajeda Mansion (4th floor), 01935050353
Direct: 01775-047808, 0174-0820691
​​​​​​​ISSB, Written & Viva classes are conducted in all branches.

Success Story (ISSB)

Taif Azad, Safwan Alam, Saad Hossain, Shahriar Rifat, Adnain Inkiat, Rifat Ibn Taz, Faiyaz Manzoor, Ahnaf Tajwar Rahman, Shakil Khan, Imran Ibne Irfan, Raiyan Araf Islam, Shadman Rafid, Dewan Rafid Akbar,  Md. Mabroor, Fahad Khan from Adamjee got green Card  from ISSB  .                      

ISSB Preparation

Interview, Medical test, Written test etc.
ISSB - IQ, PPDT, Psychology, Spoken English, Group Discussion, management decision making, Planning, mutual assessment, Physical ability, Group Task Command task.                                              

100% Passed in written Exam 

In 82 BMA & Navy Officer Cadet 2019 B, BAFA 80 all our students pass the written test.
​​​​​​​For them ISSB class is being continued. Also Written Class for HSC candidates-2020 is on going.​​​​​​​

Success Story 

Maria Haider & Miftaul Jannat Babui from Viviqarunnisa Noon College & Samsun Tarannum, Jerin Saima, Fuad Bin Hasan, Tanvir Arafat From Herman Gmeiner College got the green card (82 BMA L/C) from ISSB.

Medical Test

Defence Care Academy assists the candidates for different medical tests.
​​​​​​​There are a number of physicians including retd defence Doctors who are experienced in these matters.

Physical Training 

Defence Care Academy train the candidates physical training. Retd Defence Personnel is engaged in these training activities. All the obstacles required for ISSB tests are trained here appropriately.​​​​​​​

Spoken English

In 84 BMA & Navy Officer Cadet 2021A, BAFA 83 all our students pass the written test.
​​​​​​​For them ISSB class is being continued. Also Written Class for HSC candidates-2021 is on going.​​​​​​​

Corporate training 

Defence Care Academy conducted training on Fire safety, industrial safety and security, First aid, Equipment training at Sana kalyan Sangstha (SKS). Also we did the same at ACI Group.​​